How creative graphics betters business

In a world where the integration of business operations with IT rules, many companies are under a lot of pressure to rely solely on data-driven strategies to lure customers. However, firms that fail to consider how graphic design influences consumer behaviour risk losing potential customers before they have even begun to explore what the company has to offer.

Instead of adopting and relying on just one growth and expansion strategy, Abstract Creative Studio reveals organisations need to focus on adopting a balanced strategy that incorporates both data and design if they want to remain competitive in the current market.

How Can Good Creative Graphic Designs Help Your Business?

Communication is a critical nerve in any business and creatively designed graphics help tell a story that words cannot. Even the sages got it right when they opined that, a picture speaks a thousand words.

When selling services across the digital sphere, you should ensure that your target audience and other prospective clients can clearly understand what your organisation is all about by simply taking a peek at your website, social media platforms, emails and even the branding on your physical business location. Organisations that fail to pique the interest of clients from afar fail in generating leads and the result is usually poor business performance and stagnation while the competition thrives.

The Importance of Eye-Catching Visuals

No matter your industry of operation, visuals are the best way to catch the eye of customers and leave an indelible impression mostly because they are the first thing that a person notices. Additionally, studies show that 93% of all human communication is visual and the brain can take in and process images 60,000 times faster than written text.

This is the reason why marketing gurus recommend that you incorporate amazing visual designs in all your marketing efforts. This means designing graphics that flow smoothly from your company logos, website, promotional images like memes on your social media and even packaging materials.

With alluring and creative graphics, you will be able to create a strong impression among your audience, build a strong brand identity, pass along important messages and also increase consumer confidence in your brand.

High-Quality Designs Improve Marketing Performance

There is one undeniable fact: Businesses that put a lot of focus on maintaining high-quality creative designs in their marketing efforts tend to perform better. According to Adobe, this is known as the Design Advantage, and, for businesses that use it properly, the results are usually seen through the retention of the most talented staff as well as profits that are higher than those of competitors.

Why do companies that use the Design Advantage excel? It’s simple: These firms can snag more customers in the lead lifecycle by providing eye-catching content on their platforms. In today’s digital world most of the companies that are reaping huge benefits from Design Advantage have the internet to thank particularly social media.

As the digital implosion continues, content marketing and social media marketing are becoming important techniques that must be employed by organisations that do not just want to exist but to thrive. As it is, most social media platforms have steadily leaned more on the use of graphics. A good example is Twitter which started as a platform for posting short blogs but which is today awash with videos, images and other types of visual graphics.

The Shift to Online Marketing

Unlike the past when many companies relied on conventional marketing techniques, 71% of companies today report that they dedicate more resources on social media marketing and content marketing. Today, customers expect that they will be provided with engaging content online by the companies they interact with. And, you guessed it, creating engaging content starts with the use of great and creative graphic designs.

As John Maeda – a Design Partner at Kleiner, Perkins Caufield & Byers – aptly puts it, “Top-tier organisations are leading their marketing efforts with design. Companies that are unwilling to set aside resources for creative design perhaps because they assume that its impact on ROI is immeasurable will eventually fall behind the pack. Failure to recognise and adapt to change while the transformations are there for all to see is no longer an option. Firms that have already invested in becoming cutting-edge and faster in other aspects need to readjust their strategy and incorporate graphics design as a key way of staying ahead of the competition.”

Don’t believe that creative designs can put your business on the path to success? There are statistics to prove it. According to data from the Design Management Institute, design-driven companies have outperformed the S&P Index by up to 219% this past decade!