Reasons Why Conservatories are Highly Adored in the UK

Conservatories have existed since the 17th Century. Back then, conservatories were structures made from stone that had more glass than a regular room.

They were restricted to the rich class and it was only after the Victorian era that they became increasingly popular and it was until 70’s when people began to see the timber conservatory gather traction. They became easily accessible to the masses and became somewhat of a standard in many homes in the United Kingdom.

Some two decades ago, every homeowner’s DIY jobs hitlist featured fitting a conservatory. Their walls of glass allowed people to enjoy their garden while in safe protection from harsh weather thus adding incredible value to a property.

In a region known more for its rain than sunshine, having a conservatory offered something that hadn’t been initially possible; the chance to relish your garden regardless of the weather.

They allowed people to bring a piece of the outdoors inside to create a living space that can be enjoyed throughout the year. They were previously hard to heat but at present, there are many options that people can choose to warm their space despite the weather outside. During the hot months of summer, blinds can come in handy to provide shelter from the sunshine so that the room doesn’t become too hot.

The Benefits of Building a Conservatory

There exist many reasons why you would want to have a conservatory rather than convert your loft or extend your home. Below are some of those reasons:

To enjoy your garden through all seasons of the year.
It’s more cost-friendly as compared to converting a loft or setting up an extension.
You don’t require planning permission.
To have a serene space with no loud electronics.
You can build one by extending one of the current rooms you have.
To create an indoor/outdoor living space.
Have a playroom where the kids can play and keep their toys away from adult spaces
Use it as an extra living or working space, dining area etc.

One thing for sure is that there are plenty of suggestions and recommendations that you could come up with to add to this list. Actually, that’s one of the reasons why conservatories are so popular. They help create an incredibly versatile space so you can always be flexible on how you want to use it.

A More Comfortable Conservatory. A drawback about conservatories that used to discourage people from having them is that they were always so hard to keep cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Those days are long gone, with modern technology coming up with a myriad of solutions to help people enjoy their spaces despite the temperature outside.

Technologies such as underfloor heating and air conditioning help maintain the warmth of a space, especially during winter. For the warmer months, blinds can be fitted to the doors, roof, windows, and the glass to help keep the space cool. There are improved insulation systems today that help keep the hot sun out.

It’s best that you come to terms with your budget and needs to ensure you get the solution that is best for you.

If you would like to know more about conservatories and how to install one, get in touch with us today and we will be happy to discuss further how we can help.

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