Remote Working: Benefits For Employers And Workers


Independence is highly valued by remote employees. Granted that they get the work done as required, these workers get to plan every detail of their day including their home and work life. Being free to take elderly loved ones to run errands, attend a child’s game or go in for medical appointments whenever they wish can make their life easier. They also feel more at ease by simply not having to fit in with other members of staff or request special permission every time something comes up. In addition to boosting job satisfaction, this level of independence also builds trust between employers and employees.

Reducing Costs

Heading into the office can be quite costly. The list of all the costs involved is endless, including work clothes, transportation, lunch, snacks, coffee, parking and presents for co-workers among others. Clothing allowances and refreshments are provided by some employers as benefits. All these costs, which quickly add up to a large number, can be saved with remote working. These savings free up money to be used for other expenses – which is a huge added benefit.

With parents spending more time at home, childcare expenses can also be reduced through remote working – however, no one is saying that you should have your children around when working.

Avoid Unnecessary Wastage of Time

Workers get to take control of their timetable, on top of reducing the time spent commuting, with remote working. In comparison to afternoons, some people are more productive in the morning. While evenings get the creative juices flowing for others. You can work when you please, so long as you meet all deadlines and your work does not interrupt that of your co-workers.

Since you can attend meetings virtually over the internet/intranet, working remotely also helps you avoid wasting time travelling to and from such gatherings.

Work From Anywhere

You have the freedom to choose your preferred work location when working remotely. You can avoid any unnecessary travel as you do not have to work from any location that you don’t like. Remote working also allows for seamless transitions, and also ensures that you can keep your job if your partner is relocated to a different location. Essentially, you can live on the beach or on a mountain peak, without any issues, thanks to remote working. You can work from any place on the globe, provided that you have a reliable internet connection. See here for ‘business consultant company

Peaceful Working Conditions

Noise and distractions are part of any traditional office space. Something is always happening, including people talking and phones ringing. Being productive can be difficult in such an environment regardless of how social it is. To focus on their work, some people need to work in pin-drop silence! Enhanced productivity and creative thinking can be better facilitated by working from home in particular. A peaceful workspace is invaluable, regardless of whether it comes with a great view or not.

Better Physical And Mental Health

Working in congested office spaces and travelling to and from work is definitely not the healthiest way to spend your time. You can avoid catching colds and coughs, and generally coming into contact with others – especially considering the danger posed by Covid-19 – by working remotely.

The elevated level of relaxation also afforded to you by working in your very own low-stress environment can help boost your mental wellbeing. The overall quality of work also improves as happier workers tend to be highly motivated and more productive.