6 Reasons Pet Owners Prefer Professional Pet Sitters Over Kennels

Are you going on a vacation? Are you concerned about leaving your dog or cat behind? Have you thought of other options than just leaving them in a kennel? Here are a few reasons that make dog holiday care is a much better option then kennels.

1. Trusted Locals

The first thing people look for in a pet sitting service is trust. After all, you should be able to trust people who are going to take care of your dog or cat while you’re gone. You do not want think about the safety of your pets when you are sitting hundreds of miles away. This is why, we started our pet sitting service here locally on Daniel Island. We went on a cruise one time and we were unable to find anyone trustworthy enough to take care of our pets. We found it hard to leave our dogs and cats with anyone. We understand it’s not easy for anyone to leave their dogs and cats behind. You can trust us. We are a local married couple. We don’t drink or smoke, and more importantly, we are proud to tell you that we have never missed a visit when it comes to pet sitting or dog walking. We will love your pets and look after them like our own.

2. It is not easy for pets

Not many people know that pets also suffer from separation anxiety. When they are in a kennel with other dogs, it reminds them of shelter abandonment and you do not want that. So, when it is not possible for you to take your dog with you, utilise the services of a professional and trusted pet sitter. It is important to understand that it’s stressful for even non-rescue pets to be in a stall with other barking dogs. Even though many kennels and boarding facilities provide quality playtime but it can’t match the attention you get with a professional pet sitter. Professionals provide the necessary care in the home and keep the stress levels of your pets to a minimum.

3. Your friends are not professionals

If you decide to leave your cat with a friend, you can never be sure they are going to take adequate care of your cat. They will feed them on time but how many of your friends are going to take the time to find the cat when she is hiding. With a professional sitter, you can establish the frequency of visits to your home, the time they should stay and any other expectations you have. A professional pet sitter will not only take care of the basics including feeding and cleaning the litter box but they will also make sure that your cat is free of stress and injuries. They will also regularly check for any behavioural flags and take corrective action.

4. Change doesn’t come naturally to dogs and cats

When you board your dog in a kennel, you can be assured that they will cater to the needs of your dog including playtime, bathroom breaks, walks and meals. However, everything is going to be done on their schedule. If you have a pet who is used to a daily routine, he is going to suffer from anxiety. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional sitter who understands the benefits of maintaining the routine for senior dogs, puppies as well as pets with anxiety.

5. Peace of mind

You don’t want to constantly think about your pet when you are on vacation. With a professional pet sitter, you don’t burden your family and friends with additional responsibility. You don’t want to deal with the anxiety of thinking whether you dog has been fed and taken out. Professionals understand the importance of reliability and punctuality as it’s their job. You can always use a boarding kennel but they are going to do everything on their schedule and your dog may not like that.

6. Get photos of every visit

You will be happy to know that every time your pet sitter visits, you are going to get a few photos from each visit, regardless of the frequency of visits in a day.

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