Why Avocados are The Best

Almost everyone likes an avocado, be it as a condiment, as juice, or even in that quick sandwich you’ve picked up from you’re favourite healthy restaurant NY. It’s hard to believe, but this extremely tasty thing isn’t a vegetable, but a fruit, a berry to be precise. In this brief read, we are going to list a few reasons why you should include it in your next meal.

1. Avocados are fattening, but not in a bad way.

They contain more healthy fats than any other fruit, but do not let this be a deterrent. This fruit contains a lot of healthy mono-unsaturated fat, considered to the best kind as it’s good for your cardiac health.

2. It’s Nicknamed Alligator Pear

That is because it has a rough, wrinkled, green skin that’s similar to that of an alligator. In addition, it is pear-shaped and when cut open, it looks like an alligator’s eye as well.

3. Avocados Can Regulate Your BP

Avocados are fruits packed with potassium and magnesium, two nutrients that are known to aid in reducing blood pressure. The fruit has more magnesium than most other fruits, including kiwi, strawberry and banana.

4. They Make the Best Spread for Bread

Forget peanut butter, mayonnaise, jam or butter. Ever tasted avocado toast? It is without one of the tastiest healthy snacks. You will benefit from over 20 nutrients when you mash it and spread it on your toast at breakfast.

5. Avocado Oil is one of the Healthiest

Avocado oil, simply fat pressed from the fruit and similar to olive oil is said to do wonders to the human body. When you use it for cooking, you could be fighting cancer, heart disease as well as signs of ageing. According to research, avocado oil has the power to fight rogue oxygen molecules, that are known to destroy cell proteins, membranes and even DNA.

6. Make Guacamole, the Healthiest Dip Ever!

Contrary to what most people say, adding avocado to a bowl of guacamole isn’t what keeps your dip green and fresh for days. The trick is adding plenty of lemon and lime juice. Exposure to oxygen is what turns your guacamole brown, which is known as oxidation. Adding lemon or lime juice helps reduce this process.

7. They are an Excellent Fibre Source

If you have been eating beans in order to get your fibre fix, consider adding avocados to your diet. There are about 10 grams of fibre in an average-sized avocado, with over 70% of ti being insoluble (the one responsible for speeding up the digestion process). The rest is soluble, which is responsible for making you full and thus perfect for those looking to cut down calorie intake in order to lose weight.

8. They are an Excellent Butter Alternative for Baked Goods

If you are trying to eat healthier, you can use this great fruit for butter in most recipes for healthier baked items. That banana bread or chocolate-chip cookies will taste phenomenal when made with avocado.

9. They Help Your Body Absorb Nutrients from Other Foods

According to studies, when you add avocado to a salad, the beta-carotene from carrots absorption rate increases tenfold and four times for alpha-carotene from lettuce, compared to eating the same salad without avocado. That’s because the mono-saturated fat present in avocados helps your body absorb fat-soluble carotenoid phytonutrients faster.

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