Search Engine Optimisation – What Is It And How To Do It

What Exactly Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most important marketing strategies to invest in nowadays. After all, everyone is using search engines to research products and services. SEO is the process of taking different steps to assist a website in ranking higher.

There is a major difference between SEO and paid advertising. SEO involves using organic methods to get a website ranking high. To make it even more simple, the process of SEO is all about optimising the content as well as possible to get it to show towards the top of the search engine results.

Whenever someone types in what they want to search for, they are looking for something in particular. For instance, if someone types in “vegan foods,” they are looking for vegan food recipes and other things about living a vegan lifestyle. Because of this, if that’s the target audience you’re after, you’ll want to get your website ranking as high as possible to drive the traffic to your site.

The truth is, most people search for things nowadays. Likewise, most people on the Internet started on search engines. Because of this, you need to try to get your website in front of them by ranking high. Google gets around 75% of total searches made across the Internet.

To understand how you can get your site ranking higher, you’re going to want to understand how search engines truly work.

The purpose of this article is to showcase to you how you can get your website ranking as high as possible within the search engines. By the end, you should understand how the rankings are adjusted and how you can boost your rankings.

Core Elements Of SEO: On-Page and Off-Page

When you are looking to integrate SEO agency in Hampshire strategies into your mix, you’ll need to integrate both of the core elements. One is on-page SEO and the other being off-page SEO.

On-Page SEO

The on-page portion of SEO involves optimising your website and everything on it. You need to optimise everything directly on your site including the headers, titles, internal linking, and tags. This includes other things like images you post and more. Anything that is on your site needs to be optimised to rank as high as possible for targeted keywords and phrases.

Off-Page SEO

This is the optimisation that is occurring off your site. Anything that you do off your site is referred to as off-page SEO. This can include building links to your website and even social media tactics. This portion is just as important as on-page SEO. Therefore, you need to pay close attention to it too.

SEO Strategies: Black vs White Hat Strategies

I have always been an entrepreneur. As such, you need to embrace the long and hard way of doing things. There are no shortcuts that you can take. You need to do things the hard way and reap the benefits later on. That’s the same thing that you should be doing with SEO. It’s not something that will yield quick results.

Anything that promises quick results with SEO is referred to as “black hat SEO.” Those that use these types of tactics are typically looking to circumvent the system. They want to do things in a way that helps them “game” the system and get results that they don’t necessarily deserve. While this could potentially work over the short term, it’s not something that will be viable for long term success. What’s even worse, it could negatively impact your website’s ability to rank in the future.

With white hat SEO, you are only going to be doing things the right way. This refers to everything that Google and the other search engines want you to do. They want you to create high-quality content for readers. They don’t want you to stuff keywords and do other things to ‘trick’ the algorithm to rank your site.

Duplicate content is something that search engines don’t like. Many black hat tactics will involve duplicating or stuffing content to get the content ranking higher. This is something that will most certainly result in your site’s rankings getting penalised.