The Nexus Between Cleanliness And A Better Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered why people derive so much satisfaction and peace when in a clean and properly organised space? Why do a lot of people carry out in-depth research on how to keep their closets neat and well-organised through colour coding, and drive to keep office space clean through hiring commercial cleaning services?

It’s simple, staying neat and well-organised has a positive impact on a person’s psyche.

According to verifiable scientific data, you can derive a lot of benefits by upholding high levels of hygiene and staying in a properly organised space.

The results of a study that was overseen by Nicole R. Keith, Ph.D., – A researcher and Associate Professor based at Indiana University show that persons who live in a hygienic environment tend to be healthier compared to persons who reside in a messy environment. In the study we mentioned above, Professor Keith and her team studied the physical health of 998 African-American adults of ages ranging between 49-65 since this demographic is known to have a high risk of developing cardiovascular disorders. After the study, the researchers concluded that individuals who kept their homes clean and neat lived a healthier and more active lifestyle compared to those who did not. In fact, the researchers were able to better predict the health of participants in the study by gauging their cleanliness than when they considered how often the participants walked or exercised around their neighbourhoods.

If you have tried to stay organised and failed time and again, you may be wondering, why is staying neat and organised so difficult?

Below, we will try to provide in-depth answers to this question.

1. Your home has too much clutter

How does this happen? On each day, we tend to accumulate things of all sizes that we do not necessarily need. For example, you may own kitchen appliances that you never use or gardening equipment even though you do not have a garden. All the items that you own but do not need usually end up taking up space in your home that could erstwhile be taken up by more functional items.

What can you do about it? Most people find it difficult to get rid of things they do not need mostly because they have a sentimental attachment to the items in question. If you want to keep a reminder of the items you do not need, consider photographing them of finding an external storage facility to house the items. However, the best way to get rid of clutter is to donate or dump what you do not need.

2. You never seem to have enough time to organise your living space

How does this happen? Simply organising one room can be a time consuming affair. On considering the prospect of organising your entire home, you may even be tempted to give up before you even start. You may be wondering where you will get the time to keep up with your job, family and still find spare time for cleaning. Unfortunately, most people do not realise that when living in a dirty space, productivity usually tends to dip. Simply put, if you are not willing to sacrifice time to stay clean, do not expect to see a rise in your productivity rate at work.

What can you do about it? Just like when you are faced with any other arduous task, the best way to get over this stumbling block is to take one step at a time. For starters, consider setting aside thirty minutes of your day for cleaning. It doesn’t have to be thirty minutes… Just set aside some time however little for cleaning. Taking that first step is the most important thing you can do.

3. You have forgotten how great it feels to stay clean, neat and organised

How does this happen? There is nothing like entering a clean and well-organised house. Sadly, once your home becomes neat, it is very easy to slip back into your old bad habits. It may start with simply hanging dirty clothes back up or putting an extra book into an overcrowded rack. Remember, it usually starts with one small thing before everything spirals out of control.

What can you do about it? For starters, you can research the web to find out the best ways to stay organised. You can also remember this article you are reading now. Keep in mind that people who reside in clean and neat homes tend to be more healthier in all aspects be it physically or mentally. At the end of the day, remember that the time you use up cleaning will always be worth it in the end.

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