Top 3 Floor Plan Benefits

Floor plans are not a requirement when selling a property, but neither are property photos and descriptions. There are many people who list their properties – whether that’s terraced houses, holiday bungalows, reading serviced apartments, mansions or anything in between – without including them. Floor plans are great because they are attention-grabbing and will help in simplifying the decision-making process for buyers. Floor plans have become as important as photos, and below are three reasons why.

1. They Help in Visualizing the Property Better

More than one-third of buyers are less likely to ask for floor plans when they are not provided, according to research by Rightmove. One in five buyers completely ignored the listing that didn’t come with a floor plan.

There are some details that can be difficult to get across to potential buyers, but it is hard to do it using photos. Floor plans give you the chance of letting the buyer know more about the property, like measurements, windows, and storage space. Floor plans are also great when it comes to showing potential buyers unique selling features like knock-throughs and extensions.

High-quality photos are important when it comes to showing the property in the best light. Wide-shots work well, but there are some who see them as misleading because they don’t accurately portray the space.

There are many cases of buyers being disappointed because the property was not what they saw in the photos. When floor plans are there, it helps avoid such situations because buyers and tenants will have a good understanding of the property before they can even visit it.

House hunters can use floor plans alongside the photos to give a better understanding of the layout of the property. They will help in showing how the rooms are connected and how space flows throughout the property. This means the tenants or buyers are not going to be surprised when they visit the property.

Estate agents are usually at the mercy of people currently occupying the property when it comes to photos and viewings. Untidy and cluttered rooms will appear smaller than they are. A floor plan can help in such a situation because you get to see the actual size and potential of every room.

A survey by Rightmove showed that buyers are interested in floorplans showing the layout of the different rooms and how they fit in relation to the property. Buyers want to get the accurate dimension of rooms because it gives them the chance to plan out how they are going to arrange the room.

When buyers and tenants have floor plans showing windows and doors placements alongside the room measurements, they get to picture how they are going to use the space and where to place their furniture. They can even think about how they can make changes to the building so it suits their needs better. Tenants and buyers can start thinking about redecorating because they have a rough picture of how their new home looks like.

This is important because prospective buyers start to plan their move and develop an emotional attachment. This means the decision to buy is closer.

2. Makes It Easier to Remember the Property

What happens once the prospective has gone home after viewing a potential property? The buyer might be sending out amazing signals during the viewing, but one of the worst things is when you call them and they ask you “which property was that?”

When looking for a property, many buyers will look at multiple options and the features of the property can end up being mixed up with the other properties they have viewed that day. Include a floor plan and you can get it stuck in their minds. Providing a visual layout makes it easier for buyers to remember your property.

3. It Makes You Look More Professional

If you notice your competition using floor plans, then don’t be left behind. If they are not doing it, then it gives you the chance of having an advantage over them.