Coronavirus (COVID-19)- Let’s Keep Moving Forward


Coronavirus is on everyone’s mind at the moment. The virus ravaged the world in 2020 resulting in lockdowns as governments tried to contain the virus. Other measures include closing schools and businesses being forced to operate online or remotely. In 2021, some countries haven’t yet recovered even with the promise of a vaccine.

Of course, your life must continue even in the middle of a pandemic. You don’t need to avoid those home improvements or anything else since the country will get through this pandemic just like any other health crisis before this. Here is what you need to know about improving your home’s energy efficiency with double glazing products. Even better, you should know how various installers can help out during these uncertain times.

Online Quotes

Various double glazing installers have come up with an online quoting tool. Homeowners can now put their specifications online and get a visual representation of the results without a lot of hassle. The online quoting tool has sped up the quote since you have already built your doors and windows so you can get a rough quote.

Previously, the installer would contact you before you book an appointment for the measurements. However, due to coronavirus restrictions, booking an appointment or having someone else in your home is something to avoid. Therefore, regardless of the type of home improvement project you are doing – from double-glazed window installation to Solidor door design – you can use an online quoting tool where you can submit your measurements online, choose up to three professionals and start the process without ever needing an appointment.


Rather than having someone else in your home to handle the measurements, you need to do them yourself during the pandemic crisis. Take as many measurements as possible and send them to the double glazing company you choose. Here are some useful tips to consider when taking measurements of your windows.

• Take measurements of the width starting from the top, middle and bottom.

• Measure from the jambs of the windows instead of the window frames.

• The smallest measurement across the three will be provided to the double glazing company of your choice.

When it comes to doors, you need to consider the following.

• When measuring the width, you should measure the door from one brick to the next using three points, the top, middle, and bottom. The smallest number will be used as the width.

• When measuring the height, you should measure from brick to brick, from the left, middle and right of the opening. The smallest measurement will be the height.

Once you provide these measurements to the double glazing company, they can advise and refine your quote accordingly. If you feel like you haven’t taken proper measurements, you should get in touch with the professional installer to take you through the process.

Financing Options

Most installers offer some financing options to prospective clients since they understand that a one-time purchase like this can be quite expensive. It makes a lot of sense to spread the cost over a pre-determined term agreed between you and the double glazing company. If they don’t have the financing details on their website, you can always call them and ask for more information.

With there being a lot of uncertainty due to the pandemic, it’s always a good idea to contact the company and find out what arrangements to make. You should be able to spread out the cost, reduce the risk and get a lot of flexibility for such uncertain times. Remember, a lot of professional installers understand the need for changing how they do their jobs. Therefore, they have come up with these and many more ways to help people change how they can handle their home improvements rather than avoiding them altogether.