The Future Of Shapewear

Women have been wearing shapewear for thousands of years to get the ideal body shape. Every era comes up with a new version of a perfect body and millions of women strive to achieve it. As the perception shifts with every generation, shapewear evolves to meet demand. Every generation has seen its own share of shapewear brands from Naturana to Elle Courbee, and it’s not dying in our generation.

For instance, the Ancient Minoans bound their waists with fabric before the Victorian era utilised corsets. On the other hand, bullet bras and girdles were famous in the 1950s before Spanx was invented. With such notable evolution, you might be wondering what the future of shapewear looks like. Here’s what we can predict as industry experts.

Currently, shapewear is often made out of lycra or nylon. The disadvantage is that these synthetic fibres are not breathable. As such, they are quite uncomfortable in hot and warm weather. To prevent this, the market is now filled with lighter shapewear material. They rely on cotton and microfibre to improve odour control and moisture absorption. There is a lot of hope of a better textile invention to prevent sweating profusely in the restrictive synthetic material.

Influencers Dictating The Ideal Shape

Art and fashion play a big role in our perception of perfection, especially with body shape. However, there has been a huge revolution especially with the introduction of social media and celebrities. If you see a specific body shape in TV shoes, Instagram or magazine shoots, you want to emulate it.

The move to a curvier body has been embraced by numerous celebrities such as the Kardashians. Currently, Kim Kardashian West has created her own brand, Skims to promote her body shape. Therefore, if you want to learn about the future of shapewear, you need to look at the trends offered by celebrities and online. You should also take a look at the ideal body they present.

Currently, the ideal body is a tiny waist, smaller bust and a curvy butt though it might all change. It simply shows how far shapewear has evolved. It involves cinching the problem areas and promoting your curves in the exact areas you need them to be. The shapewear in today’s market pushes for a bountiful figure and it will improve with each passing trend.

Shapewear For The Boys

Even better, shapewear for men has now been introduced. Young men are also prompted to match the ideal body.

Increased Popularity For Body Shaping Fabric

Of course, with the revolution of shapewear, there is always something that remains stagnant. For instance, body shaping fabric simply refers to tape that can be cut and placed in the areas you need some type of support. Whether you need a little lift on your bust, contouring of your butt or thigh, it’s bound to become popular in the coming day.

A Bright Future For Shapewear

The world of shapewear has a very bright future indeed. Statistics reveal that as of 2018, the industry was valued at US$2.26 billion. It is expected to grow at a rate of 7.7% every year between 2019 and 2025. In 2025, the prediction is that the industry will hit revenue of US $3.81 billion. The coronavirus hasn’t dropped these revenues at any rate. Shapewear is simply here to stay and new fabrics and styles will hit the stores every day, month or year from now.

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