Support Local Businesses During the Pandemic

As the government does its part to help stabilise the economy, there are many things that we can do to support our local businesses during this pandemic period, whether they are coffee houses, music venues, book shops, or collective businesses in the Fleet Bid.

That being said, here’s an array of ways to help small local businesses stay afloat during this pandemic period:

Shop Locally, be it Offline or Online

Most small businesses that don’t typically offer online ordering have been forced to test the waters and so, check to see whether places you buy items have started to do this. The need for social distancing has forced many retailers to tweak their services in order to fit the ‘new normal’. Brewers are now supplying to clients’ front doors and other small businesses are providing contact-free delivery.

The same applies to household staples and food. If you are free from covid symptoms, consider buying from that local shop, especially items that larger supermarkets have run out of. This is a good way of supporting your local community or economy.

Order Takeaway

With numerous restaurants and food joints closing their doors completely, there are some who are still open for takeaway and delivery, including ones that didn’t offer this service in the past.

If you have income and don’t feel like cooking, consider taking a night off every now and then and help support local restaurants, cafes and bars by ordering takeaways. Most, if not all, independently own food and drink joints have joined delivery platforms such as Uber Eats. If you can’t find your local joint in these apps, call them to see whether they have other means of delivery.

Keep in mind that some of these delivery platforms charge local food joints fees, which can put a strain on their finances. So, if possible, consider ordering directly.

Purchase Gift Cards

Purchasing gift cards from local businesses and saving them for future use is a great way to put instant money into your favourite restaurant, cafe, salon, or any other joint while getting rid of interactions and non-essential services like packing, shipping as well as delivery, which may require an individual to go to work and come into contact with others unnecessarily.

Also, buying gift cards is an excellent way to show business owners your appreciation and a sign of client loyalty in these uncertain times.

Attend Online Classes

From dance to yoga classes or singing and creative writing, there are numerous classes that can be attended online. So, if a local business has this option, opt for it. With business premises having to close due to the pandemic, many business owners have started offering online sessions so that individuals in self-isolation or social distancing can join from home and show their solidarity as well as support to the local community.

Leave Positive Reviews

Even if you can’t financially support a business, it does not mean you are completely incapable of helping them stay afloat. There are many other ways to support a local business including following them on social media and posting positive reviews.

With numerous bars and restaurants being forced to temporarily close, reaching out with positive comments and reviews on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and TripAdvisor are likely to give the business the motivation to keep on going.

And there you have it, a few great ways to support local businesses during this covid period.